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10 March 1959. In the dead of night about 100 Tibetan officials, khampas and muleteers, dressed as soldiers of Chinese Red Army and made their escape through the snowy Himalayas. Traveling only at nights, using lamaseries and villages as shelters to hide during the day; these men had one singular aim – to ensure that the 23-year-old 14th Dalai Lama escaped the cruel trap set by Mao Zedong.

From here starts the gruesome tragedy marked with spying, censoring, punishing and exiling Tibetans.


In ancient era, Chinese people believed that if a king failed to rule justly, if he failed to provide stability to his kingdom or if people under his reign faced poverty and illness; then, he had failed as a ruler and his downfall was certain. Such a king’s regime would often face protests, disasters and brutal foreign invasion. They would say, “this king has lost the mandate of heaven and must be removed.”

But, isn’t this what has been happening in Xi Jinping’s China?

Has Xi’s aggressive diplomacy cost China its economic growth? Has Xi Jinping lost the mandate of people? Is this the start of CCP’s end in China?

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BEIJING FILES (III): The Cost of Xi Jinping’s Zero-Covid Policy

In the past three years, most of the world learnt to live with the Covid-19 Virus, however China is still struggling to normalize life. Despite protests, shortages and damage to economic growth, CCP Leader Xi Jinping still insists on following the dynamic Zero-Covid policy. But as China gets ready for the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, will Covid mismanagement effect Xi’s third term? Will the increasing discontent and anger towards the Party morph into China’s Cultural Revolution 2.0 ? Will CCP’s Great Firewall be able to prevent this revolution anymore?

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And The World Chose POLITICS Over HUMANITY: Winter Olympics 2022


The Olympic Games are supposed to bring the world together, they are supposed to unite people and create hope and peace…but Beijing Olympics 2022 have shifted the focus to scandals, politics, grave abuse and human rights violations.

Is this a repeat of 2008?
Has politics won over humanity?
How far are we willing to compromise our moral values??

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8 years ago we were looking at China with awe. Stories of rapid economic growth, advancement in Information and technology, R&D in Industry, Defence and Healthcare, Space exploration etc, made an impact in almost every field.
Every nation dreamed to be a success like China.
Its 2021 now..and China is still in news…but for all the wrong reasons – aggressive and rude behaviour of diplomats, espionage and data theft, human rights violations, forced labour, military aggression to advance expansionist dreams, suppression of ethnic minorities, and so on..

In this article we discuss the possible reasons for China’s lost appeal and its impact on common citizens of China. Is the shift towards such aggressive policies and the “wolf warrior” diplomacy a premeditated act of this regime or an error of the leadership?
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Beijing File (I) : The Truth Behind CCP’s Selective Crackdown

What happens when ‘political stability’ and ‘fear of losing the throne’ start guiding the economic policies of a country?

What happens when the leader of a country rather than understanding his countrymen fears their opinion?

What happens when this fear clouds a leader’s judgement & he wages war against his own?

What happens when this leader compromises our “Dreams”?


“Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.”

100 years of oppression
100 years of authoritarian rule
100 years of human rights violations
100 years of illegal annexations
100 years spent craving for freedom

The last 100 years of CCP..have been nothing but this for China and for the common Chinese citizens!!

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For years inquisitive minds throughout the world have been working relentlessly to quench their curiosity of knowing the unknown and discovering the unexpected. And while all have been motivated by different reasons..but the saddest part is that not many of these inventions have come without repercussions. In 1999, two senior People’s Liberation Army (Air Force) Colonels wrote a book called “Unrestricted Warfare”, wherein they explored technological innovation in warfare, military tactics, strategy, weapons and organization. Not only did it justify the use of cyber, finance, biological & chemical weapons for warfare, but these Chinese military theorists openly appealed for it. Today as these very manmade technological blunders come back to haunt us – some in the form of missiles, some as cyber frauds, some as viruses… we must ask ourselves – Shouldn’t there be a line between Science and Ethical Consideration? Shouldn’t we take a step back and evaluate the “progress” that the world has made?

PATRIOTISM WITH CHINESE CHARACTERISTICS: Will Young China Be Able To Unshackle Her Thoughts From CCP??

When concerns were raised about forced labor in Xinjiang by Nike (and many other foreign brands), the internet was suddenly taken into a frenzy by celebrities calling off endorsements and netizens uploading logs of people destroying products of these brands..And while the rest of the world expected the rage to be brought under control by the government, Hua Chunying, China’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, brought to light an issue that raised many more questions. She rationalized the aggressive and violent behavior of Chinese people against these foreign brands by calling it “patriotism” and “natural and normal”. But is it – “patriotism” ? Lets read –