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BEIJING FILES (III): The Cost of Xi Jinping’s Zero-Covid Policy

In the past three years, most of the world learnt to live with the Covid-19 Virus, however China is still struggling to normalize life. Despite protests, shortages and damage to economic growth, CCP Leader Xi Jinping still insists on following the dynamic Zero-Covid policy. But as China gets ready for the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, will Covid mismanagement effect Xi’s third term? Will the increasing discontent and anger towards the Party morph into China’s Cultural Revolution 2.0 ? Will CCP’s Great Firewall be able to prevent this revolution anymore?

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Beijing File (I) : The Truth Behind CCP’s Selective Crackdown

What happens when ‘political stability’ and ‘fear of losing the throne’ start guiding the economic policies of a country?

What happens when the leader of a country rather than understanding his countrymen fears their opinion?

What happens when this fear clouds a leader’s judgement & he wages war against his own?

What happens when this leader compromises our “Dreams”?


On Jan 08 this year, the Cyberspace Administration of China announced revised regulations for Internet Information Services. But are these revised regulations aimed to benefit the Party’s scrutiny and surveillance of individuals? Can these new regulations be a camouflaged attempt to identify and suppress the rising discontent in China? Is this going to be another law to weed out dissent and competition from China, like Hong Kong’s National Security Law??….Lets Find out…


Jack Ma, the flamboyant & charismatic Chinese business tycoon has been a source of motivation for young entrepreneurs everywhere. And therefore, his sudden disappearance has raised a variety of questions – Was it due to his Oct 2020 speech, that criticized CCP and held the country’s financial regulators responsible for blocking the development of Chinese entrepreneurs? Or was it to curb Ant Group’s increasing power and prosperity? Or was it just due to a clash of egos? Lets find out –